Understanding Trauma of birth/medical intervention

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This online prerecorded course is all about trying to make sense of stress and trauma that may occur for some parents in the process of conception, pregnancy, delivery or post delivery complications or medical interventions with your child (or yourself) of any kind. This course provides psychoeducation around the body's response to stress and trauma. It explains why you feel the way you do in a moment or experience of trauma. It also provides parents with ways to successfully control the trauma response which will lead to a reduction in everyday anxiety, symptoms of PTSD or general worrying about the welfare of your child. Purchasing the programme also allows access to a handout on PTSD and trauma. During the programme, feel free to email any questions you have to contact@thecaterpillarclinic.com and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. Parents access the video in their own time and there is also the option to join the online chat forum with other parents mentioned below but only if you wish to do so. You will remain anonymous and private outside of this chat forum.

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Understanding Trauma of birth/medical intervention

Understanding Trauma of birth/medical intervention

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