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How to conquer anxiety parenting programme

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The programme is for parents to learn all about getting to grips with childhood anxiety. It is a three part workshop spread out over three (roughly) hour long videos. Ideally you would complete one video each week, so that you can practice some of the material between sessions. The first session will focus on understanding anxiety, what is it, where it comes from and how it might affect your child and you as a parent! The second session will then look at using lots of strategies to help your child to work through anxious feelings, we consider the role of play and connection, there is a big emphasis on relationship here and we begin to learn how to develop a toolbox for your child to regulate those anxious feelings. The third session is all about understanding childhood worry in more detail and considering how to manage worry as it arises each day so that we empower children to feel a sense of control over their well as parents feeling they can handle worry in their child as it arises. We also take an in-depth look at helping children to conquer their fears by supporting them to complete tasks that are anxiety provoking...thus helping them feel more confident! This online programme is prerecorded so you can complete each session in your own time. You will remain anonymous and private, unless you opt to join the parent chat forum. During the programme, feel free to email any questions you have to and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Anxiety bundle (Teen & Parent program)


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