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All about Anxiety for teens & adults

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Do you struggle to manage your anxiety? This programme is for teens and adults to learn all about anxiety in three easy steps; What is anxiety, tips to manage anxiety and learning how to face our fears. So often anxiety can feel like it's taking over, but once we understand what it is, where it comes from and how to reduce the physical and mental symptoms we can begin to take control. This is exactly the goal of this programme. The programme is split into three easy to watch videos with lots of additional short videos and handouts to help you work on conquering your fear in your own home, at your pace. It cuts out the need for weekly therapeutic support for many, meaning it is convenient and very cost effective. It can be helpful to watch the programme with someone else so they too can learn how to help you with your anxiety. You have lifetime access to the programme which means once you have learnt how to face your fears if you need a reminder at any stage you can access the programme. Recent reviews ‘This is world class Claire, thanks so much for making it, it will help so many little hearts’ ‘This is fantastic and you are brilliant, my son is so focused, he loves the connection between brain and body, thanks so much’ ‘My daughter is loving the programme, especially the videos and visualisations exercises’

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