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It’s ok to feel anxious about the lifting of covid restrictions

So as many breathe a sign of relief at the end of most restrictions there are many who are anxious. They are anxious for many (and often valid) reasons.

There are the individuals who may have been infected with covid and developed a fear of covid (and many illnesses in general) as a result. Their confidence around their health and their ability to manage viruses has been impacted. They fear letting their guard down and maybe getting sick again.

There are also the parents/carers who have spent the last two years trying to keep vulnerable little people (or big people) safe. How do they just stop doing everything they did for two years?

Then there is everyone else who in general just felt a sense of anxiety for two years.

The stress response system has been activated for two years, fighting the unknown! How do they just stop fighting when the thing they were fighting is still amongst us.

To manage anxiety there are lots of simple things you can do, just check out the separate blog post on managing anxiety on the website

Don’t feel forced into anything straight away, but don’t be held back by anxiety either. Take baby steps, get facts to help ease anxiety rather than thoughts. Be kind to yourself and know with a little support you will get there.

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